GSEA Desktop v2.1.0 (Jun 2014)

GSEA v2.1.0 has the following upgrades:

In collaboration with the Bader lab at the University of Toronto, we have added Enrichment Map visualization as one of the steps in a GSEA analysis. Enrichment Map visualization organizes gene sets into a network work two gene sets are connected in the enrichment map if they have high overlap, i.e., if they share many of the same genes. Applying automatic layout techniques, groups of inter-related gene sets will tend to cluster together, providing a much easier and intuitive visualization of the enrichment results. For example, the resulting enrichment map might reveal distinct clusters of gene sets associated with the Cell Cycle, Transcription, Translation, DNA Metabolism, etc.

There is now a button on GSEA's main user interface for initiating the creation of an enrichment map of GSEA results directly from the GSEA desktop application. Users can create multiple enrichment maps from this interface; they can also compare two different enrichment results within a single map.

Further information on this feature, along with guided, step-by-step tutorial, is available here.