MSigDB v2023.2.Mm (Oct 2023)

Important Notices#

Updates to Mouse Collections (MSigDB v2023.2.Mm)#

M1: positional gene sets#

As previously noted in the MSigDB v2022.1.Mm Release Notes the underlying data for the M1 collection remains based on the cytogenetic band annotations provided in the Ensembl 102 release, corresponding to the GRCm38 assembly as cytogentic band annotations for GRCm39 remain unavailable, however gene identifiers have been updated.


28 Gene sets have been added to M2:CGP, these gene sets consist of:



WikiPathways gene sets have been updated to the October 10, 2023 release (+0 gene sets).


One additional gene set was removed as a result of gene mapping changes (-1).

M5:GO (Gene Ontology)#

Gene sets in these sub-collections are derived from the controlled vocabulary of the Gene Ontology (GO) project: The Gene Ontology Consortium. Gene Ontology: tool for the unification of biology (Nature Genet 2000). The gene sets are named by GO term and contain genes annotated by that term. This collection has been updated to the most recent GO annotations as present in the GO-basic obo file released on 2023-07-27 and NCBI gene2go annotations downloaded on 2023-09-01.

This collection is divided into three sub-collections:

These updates were generated in accordance with the procedure described in the GO release notes for MSigDB 7.0.

M8 cell type signature gene sets#

One additional gene set was included as a result of gene mapping changes (+1).

CHIP file updates#