MSigDB v5.1 (Jan 2016)

Updates to C7: Immunologic Signatures#

We added to the C7 collection 2,962 new gene sets derived directly from microarray data of immunological studies. These gene sets represent cell types, states, and perturbations within the immune system. The signatures were generated by manual curation of published studies in human and mouse immunology.

We first captured relevant microarray datasets published in the immunology literature that have raw data deposited to Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO). Next, for each published study, the relevant comparisons were identified (e.g. WT vs. KO; pre- vs. post-treatment etc.) and brief, biologically meaningful descriptions were created. Then we processed and normalized every data set the same way to identify gene sets, which correspond to the top or bottom genes (FDR < 0.25 or maximum of 200 genes) ranked by mutual information for each assigned comparison.

The C7 immunologic signatures collection (also called ImmuneSigDB) was generated as part of our collaboration with the Haining Lab at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the [ Human Immunology Project Consortium (HIPC)].

To cite your use of the collection, and for further information, please refer to Godec J, Tan Y, Liberzon A, Tamayo P, Bhattacharya S, Butte A, Mesirov JP, Haining WN. Compendium of Immune Signatures Identifies Conserved and Species-Specific Biology in Response to Inflammation. Immunity. 2016 Jan 19; 44(1): 194-206. PMID: 26795250

Alerted by a very attentive user of our resource, we corrected errors in the annotations of a pair of gene sets.

Fixed errors in a number of other gene sets.

Updates to C2 Collection#

Updates to C2:CP Collection#

Due to changes involving BioCarta, we have updated our external links for all gene sets from BioCarta. For more details, please refer to the BioCarta announcement.

Updates to C2:CGP Collection#

Alerted by sharp-eyed users of MSigDB, we redefined 3 gene sets based on the publication in Oncogene 2005 by Farmer et al. In the process, we also brought back one gene set from this publication that has been deprecated since v3.1 MSigDB.

Updates to C4 Collection#

Updates to C4:CM Collection#

We have enhanced brief descriptions of 150 cancer modules according to the information available in the original source of this sub-collection.